Auburn Armature Inc.

Auburn, NY | UL Electric Shop


Auburn Armature Inc. (AAI) is a 70-year old company that has the most modern machine repair facility in New York State. The electric shop is housed inside a 50,000 s.f. warehouse that is used for motor repair, electrical distribution, panel design and general construction business.


The company owner had installed T5 tube fluorescent lights to reduce energy costs, but was unhappy with the inconsistent levels of light and shadowing on the shop tabletop workspaces.


Replacement of the current fluorescent T5 system over the electric shop area with Ephesus LED to provide better light uniformity and higher foot candles so technicians could perform precise electrical inspection functions.


10 Ephesus Visium 300 LED fixtures were installed over the electric shop area at a height of 25’. The simple plug and play of the Ephesus solution meant minimal installation time and negligible interruption to the working process.


The level of light was increased to an average of 100fc and improved the uniformity of light on the shop floor. The Ephesus LED upgrade also eliminated shadows, enhancing the technicians’ abilities to perform highly-detailed electrical work. Maintenance costs were eliminated.

"The technicians are extremely happy with the color rendition and the white spectrum light of the fixtures. It greatly improves their ability to read very fine print and allows them to be more efficient in wiring assembly jobs. Being an electrical distribution center, I have customers walking through this portion of my business and they have all taken notice to the exceptional light that is produced by these fixtures."
— Ben Carter, Owner