ELG Utica Alloys

Herkimer, NY | Metal Recycling Plant


ELG Utica Alloys Inc. is an industrial superalloy and titanium processing plant that recycles scrap metals for use by some of the world’s most technically demanding industries and applications including the Aerospace, Environmental, Chemical Processing, Petroleum, Power Generation and Medical markets. The plant is housed inside a 445,000 s.f. industrial/warehouse building that was built in 1990.


Management driven initiatives and an aggressive emphasis on “clean” solutions drove Utica Alloys to search for an energy saving lighting solution. Energy usage was high due to the 24 hour operating schedule and lighting maintenance costs were high due to the hot and dusty environment of the plant. Worker safety was also an issue with glass falling onto the production floor due to bulb breakage.


Replacement of 180 400W metal halide lights in the industrial processing plant and 27 1000W metal halide lights in a separate warehouse area with Ephesus LED for energy savings and to provide better light uniformity and greater light output for more efficient processing and production.


180 Ephesus Altus 120 LED fixtures were installed at 16-18’ ceiling heights in the plant processing area and 27 Ephesus Visium 600 LED fixtures were installed at 44’ ceiling heights in a separate warehouse area.


Estimated energy consumption was reduced by 635,100 KW, or 66%, and an average of 34 fc was generated in the plant processing area, and 32 fc in the warehouse area. The Ephesus LED upgrade eliminated the maintenance costs and allowed for precise light focused in specific areas for workers to perform highly-detailed metal cleaning processes. The simple plug and play of the Ephesus solution meant minimal installation time and interruption to the production process.

“Great shop floor lighting at minimal cost to run”
— Fred Schweizer, Vice President, Operations