Mullins Center, UMass Amherst

Amherst, MA | NCAA Basketball & Hockey Arena


The UMass Mullins Center is a 9,500 seat multi-purpose arena and home to the Division I Minutemen men’s basketball and hockey teams. The facility also hosts concerts, family, ice and theater shows. Global Spectrum manages the venue.


The facility was experiencing low light levels and poor uniformity for the level of play that was being engaged in, and as recommended by the NCAA. The use of the venue for both basketball and hockey presented additional challenges in meeting lighting requirements.


The project included replacement of the metal halide system to meet NCAA lighting requirements for HDTV broadcasting standards, and to meet the requirements of both basketball and hockey.


124 Ephesus Arena 600 fixtures were installed. The Ephesus solution included wired DMX controls on each fixture to interface with the venue’s exisitng control system. This provided instant, one-touch control to switch between different light settings for basketball and hockey as well as the ability to create unique fan experience effects.


Energy costs were reduced by an estimated 75% while the number of fixtures was reduced from 490 to 124. An average of 150fc was generated on the playing surface, dramatically exceeding NCAA Best Lighting Practices for National Championship Sites in basketball and ice hockey, as well as HDTV broadcasting standards. Max to min uniformity improved from 1.8 to an impressive 1.16 for basketball. Fans in the Mullins Center or viewing its events on HDTV will now have a brighter, sharper view of the game.

“These building enhancements are going to take our fans’ experience to a new level. Our new partnership with Ephesus Lighting will jump start the 2014 sports season.”
— Brian Caputo, Assistant General Manager/Director of Operations, Mullins Center