We know that good product design depends on the right building blocks. That’s why, at Ephesus, we take great care to decipher which technologies will integrate best with our solutions, long before we ever start designing our products.

We used our strong science and engineering background to work closely with our partners to overcome the challenges with existing technologies to lead the next generation and develop the most advanced components to build into our solutions.

Unlimited Flexibility and Expandability

Solid-State Electronics

Using our expertise in the semiconductor industry, Ephesus incorporates solid-state and other electronic components to configure the most advanced systems. This includes integrating LEDs, discrete components, and programmable embedded system-on-chip technologies with high-performance analog components, programmable logic, memory and a microcontroller on a single chip.

Precise and Controlled Light


We strive to use the most cutting-edge materials to maximize light transmittance and protect against the harshest environmental contaminants. These materials meet the challenging needs of the next-generation LED market: high purity, moisture resistance, thermal stability and high optical transmittance.

Most Reliable and Brightest Light

Thermal Management

By leveraging the unique characteristics of some very novel materials, we are able to drastically reduce the thermal resistance from the interface of electronic circuitry to the ambient environment. Integrating these high-performance materials significantly improves the thermal conductivity.

High Performance Without Sacrificing Efficiency


We custom designed our own power-regulating circuitry with the highest-temperature-rated semiconductor components available. This not only ensures superior efficiency, but the highest power factor and total harmonic distortion on the market.

Continual Feedback With Increased Performance

Sensor Technology

Combined with our vertically integrated engineering know-how, our innovative sensor technology opens up a new landscape in the world of lighting systems. Ephesus sensor technology enables complex systems to respond when the measured quantity changes on demand or over time.

Total Control At Your Fingertips


At Ephesus, we use our vast experience in RF communication to incorporate principles of military and satellite technology into our lighting control system design. Our propriety software protocol enables long, secure communication, repeatability and extremely low latency.




Glare Control

We incorporated our optics technology to uniformly spread light to efficiently control glare and eliminate light spill. Using the method we developed to measure and quantify glare with a calibrated camera in a lumen sphere, Ephesus’ patented innovation disperses the LED point source over a large surface and directs the light source.


High-Definition Broadcasting

We custom designed our controller cards to maintain correlated color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI). Our solutions have the most efficient use of light using our unique lensing technology to precisely focus light, creating a uniform ratio that meets the highest professional sports broadcasting standards. Ephesus’ patented technology uses extremely-high-frequency pulse-width modulation (PWM) to allow HDTV recording of up to 1,000 frames per second for reduced glare, superior slow motion and flicker-free recording. The Ephesus custom-designed circuitry adjusts the CCT and CRI to quantify the light source for optimizing HD camera telecasting. Pulsing at a much higher frequency than any frame rate used today ensures the highest quality of light for HDTV recording to guarantee an excellent television viewing experience.


High-Performance Control Systems

Ephesus’ control systems are among the most flexible and easy-to-implement solutions on the market for lighting control. Our wired and wireless solutions offer all the benefits of a complex control system, while eliminating the need for additional wiring. Optional remote controls and web interfaces allow for complete venue flexibility.


Plug and Play

We used our modular system approach to develop products that allow for complete and simple installation for immediate operation and effortless deployment. Ephesus provides a complete solution (luminaires, control system, brackets, mounts, laser aiming tool, connectors, etc.), significantly reducing installation time and costs.



We use our design methodology of solid-state technology to integrate circuitry that eliminates electro- or radio magnetic interference (EMI, RFI, EMP) that could result in potential system failure. Ephesus suppresses EMI by using filters designed to meet the increased performance demands during testing from various standards, such as UL, MIL-STD and FCC. Designing military-grade components into our solutions results in optimal regulation, eliminating interference with other electronic devices (e.g., cell phones, walkie-talkies, headsets, microphones) in any facility.


Color Temperature Tuning Capability

Select Ephesus fixtures provide color temperature tuning – the ability to make the light generated appear warmer or cooler at the push of a button with no decrease in illumination on the surface – another key Ephesus innovation. This is attractive for venues which host a variety of events, most notably hockey and ice events, where a cooler color temperature is often preferred, and basketball or court sports, where a warmer color temperature is typically desired.


On-Demand Correction to Environmental Conditions

Our patented sensor technology built into our solutions easily adjusts light levels to maintain constant foot-candles and color temperature on the work or play surface. LED temperature is continuously measured and the LEDs dim as required to ensure luminaire reliability over the usable life of the fixture, even in extreme temperature environments.


Flexibility & System Enhancements

Using the control technology we developed, your software and firmware will always have the latest upgrades and enhancements through remote upgradability. Our system is designed on a standard protocol to interface with most wired and wireless systems and is configurable for Crestron, Lutron, Encillium (Sylvania), Hubbell and more. The modularity of the Ephesus solution gives your venue the flexibility to easily adapt and grow or change your lighting needs.


Precise Light Targeting

Using custom-engineered optics, we developed solutions to meet the challenging needs of any facility or venue—from a football stadium to your factory floor. The use of unique materials when designing our optics allows us to provide maximum efficiency, exceptional uniformity and versatility for precise and exceptional lighting control.


Highly Efficient Power-to-Light Conversion

By integrating the power technology we designed using regulating circuitry with the highest-temperature-rated semiconductor components, there’s no need to sacrifice efficiency with an increase in power. Using compounds that are highly efficient in converting electricity to light, we are able to develop solutions that ensure the most efficient power-to-light conversion.