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Bright Papers

We developed these bright papers to help you understand some of the more intricate aspects about our technology. These were written to help answer questions about a specific issue and help you make a well-educated lighting decision for your facility.



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Incentive Learning Center

  • Making an investment in a maintenance-free, energy-saving Ephesus solution can cut your lighting bills by up to 90%. Those are the kinds of savings that can really make a positive difference to your bottom line. What’s more, there are several incentive programs available to help you make an LED lighting installation more affordable.


Product Resources

  • Ephesus products are shaping the industry, and these resources will show you how. Find information from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, as well as installation manuals, overview sheets and more.


Case Studies

Learn about successful installations and the benefits each of our clients has realized with the addition of Ephesus LEDs to their facilities.