Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so special about LED lighting anyway?

Put concisely, it’s digital lighting. It provides instant on-off capabilities, intelligent controls and adjustability while delivering excellent light quality, consistent light output, maintenance-free operation and excellent energy efficiency. The difference between LED and legacy metal halide lighting is like going from an old rotary telephone to an iPhone, or a typewriter to a tablet – the increase in capabilities and performance is amazing.

Can I replace my current 1000W metal halide fixtures with the same number of LED fixtures?

In a word, no. The highest wattage indoor fixture made by Ephesus is a 600W one, yet this generates more light than competitors’ 1000W metal halides. Due to the highly efficient operation of our fixtures, we are able to reduce fixture count while increasing light on the surface. This makes a “one to one replacement” unnecessary.

How do I know how many fixtures I need then?

Ephesus will generate a lighting design unique to your facility. We will load a facility drawing into our specialized program, taking into consideration the sports played there and any special tournament or broadcast lighting requirements. We can model the light in the venue and tell you how many fixtures are required to generate a certain amount of light and where they should be installed, as well as how uniform (or consistent) it will be throughout the venue. We use precise lenses to direct the light exactly where it’s needed, and a laser aiming system to ensure the lights are positioned where they need to be.

This sounds expensive…

If you look at our fixtures on a one to one basis compared to traditional metal halide, they might be more than some. But with our reduced fixture count, ease of installation, maintenance-free operation, energy efficiency and options for controls, no other lighting system costs less to buy, install, run and maintain. An Ephesus installation may also qualify for energy efficiency rebates and incentives from your utility company to help defray costs.

Explain how your fixtures are “maintenance-free.”

Ephesus LED fixtures have no moving parts to wear out and are not traditional bulbs with filaments to burn out or ballasts to replace. Our fixtures have a 10 year warranty and have been tested to have a lifespan of over 225,000 hours with no noticeable decrease in light output. Once they are installed, you will never need to replace anything on Ephesus’ fixtures – no bulbs or ballasts, with no deteriorating light output, no lifts, cranes or crews needed, and no downtime in your facility – for over 10 years.

My facility hosts a variety of events, from sports, to concerts, trade shows and ceremonies. Can your lighting accommodate this?

Absolutely, and this is a strength of the Ephesus system and advantage over traditional lighting. Through the use of controls, various dimming levels can be set for the different uses, and Ephesus fixtures can provide color tuning, which is the ability of the light to appear “warmer” or “cooler” at the push of a button as different events or sports often have different preferences. For the real “wow” factor, customized light shows and scenes can be developed to make the lights flash and dance to music or create unique effects. Ephesus even offers colored LED fixtures for another element of excitement.

What’s a lumen? What’s a foot candle?

A lumen is best described as a unit of light output from a light source. A foot candle is a measure of light on a surface. Typically, light from a single fixture is indicated in lumens, but this is not helpful because one fixture is never used on its own but as part of installation of many fixtures. The entire installation yields light in foot candles. This is another reason why it’s important for Ephesus to create a custom lighting design – we can estimate the amount of light that will reach the surface in foot candles, which can be measured and verified after installation with a light meter.

I’m interested but what if I need help?

Ephesus is ready to assist you at every step, from outlining the initial project requirements to providing installation support. There will be a number of conversations between Ephesus and the installation team, whether that is employees at your facility, an electrical contractor or other parties. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with outstanding support and service.