• The Future of LED Lighting
    Has Come Today.

    The LED engineering breakthrough we created at Ephesus, back in 2012, revolutionized sports and industrial lighting. Our ultra-high-performance LED technology and patented lens design produced more and better quality light (virtual daylight) than all other LED and conventional alternatives. What’s more, an Ephesus LED system costs less to install, run and maintain than any other light on the market.

    Today, Ephesus ultra-high-performance LED lighting is shining brightly in more than 100 top-flight sports and industrial facilities throughout North America.



    LED Sports Lighting Solutions That Outshine All Others.

    LED Industrial Lighting Solutions That Outperform All Others.

    Give players, performers and fans a memorable venue experience that outshines them all. Bring your venue alive with a light show that ranks only second to the action of the game. With Ephesus LED solutions, fans enjoy an entirely new viewing experience. You set the bar for all others because fans at your venue are coming back for more.

    Your working environment can have a profound effect on the way employees carry out their daily tasks. Top performance calls for optimal lighting conditions. With the greatest light output on the market today, Ephesus solutions can help you save time, maintenance, energy and money. As a bonus, you create safer, more productive surroundings with proven technologies.