Stay on Top of Your Game

Give players, performers and fans a memorable venue experience that outshines them all. Bring your venue alive with a light show that ranks only second to the action of the game. With Ephesus LED solutions, fans enjoy an entirely new viewing experience. You set the bar for all others because fans at your venue are coming back for more.

We’ll help you create a customized solution with LED lighting technologies, thoughtfully engineered to provide the energy- and maintenance-saving capabilities, incredible control, and customizable features critical to the success of each scenario and every event your arena or stadium presents.

Engineered to deliver optimal illumination levels for players, performers and spectators alike, Ephesus solutions can help you control everything from the venue experience to your energy savings. Contact an Ephesus lighting expert now to discuss how you can make your venue shine.


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See our sports lighting and control system in action here:

  • Products

  • Stadium Series

    World-class lighting for your professional sporting venue — provide an incomparable experience for your team and fans whether they’re at the game or watching from home. Bring the dynamics of the game to life with consistent and precisely delivered light that meets the stringent demands of international HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording. With optimal designed-in control for both wired and wireless systems, we give you the power to use lighting as entertainment with complete flexibility to meet the different lighting needs for any professional sport. Get the Ephesus solution that will give teams, players and legions of their fans an all-around exceptional event experience.

  • Arena Series

    Create dynamic lighting scenes and special effects that keep fans coming back for more. The Arena series solution delivers consistent and precisely delivered light to eliminate shadows and maintain uniformity to meet the stringent demands of HDTV broadcasting, digital photography and slow-motion recording. The modular design allows you to take on multiple applications with ease by positioning and directing light wherever you need it. Take control of your venue and transform the entire fan and player experience with a solution that embraces the action of the game.

  • Prism Series

    With the most advanced addition to sports lighting on the market today, the Prism gives you new and exciting lighting options for your venue. Allows for complete color tuning — warm up for basketball, cool down for hockey or flood your playing surface with one or multiple colors for holidays or other special events. With full-spectrum RGB capabilities, the entertainment possibilities are endless.

  • Arena Pro Court

    Our innovative optics and advanced color-tuning technology creates a warmer, richer light perfectly calibrated for basketball and other court sports. What’s more, the Arena Pro Court technology can easily be adjusted to deliver picture perfect lighting for any other sport or special event your arena hosts.

  • Black Box Control System

    A system built on proven military and satellite solid-state technologies, our solution offers the most complete and secure lighting control for the sporting environment for both wired and wireless interfaces. The perfect addition to your sporting venue for lighting entertainment — make the lights dance to music or play a light wave, turn up the excitement and engage your audience, and open up a whole new realm of atmospheric lighting possibilities and enhanced fan experience. Versatile by design, the feedback system continuously monitors and controls luminaire health and has an easy-to-connect universal interface that enables effortless plug-and-play deployment to industry control systems such as Crestron, Lutron and many more.

  • Venue Series

    Get fans and spectators ready for the game before they even take their seats. A perfect complement to playing area lighting, the Venue series is designed to create a safe, effective concourse environment where fans feel like an integral part of the event. Make half time almost as good as game time with this high-performance product that will keep energy levels up and help your fans cheer on the team.

  • Mounts

  • Catwalk Mount for Arena fixtures

    The catwalk mount is our own custom-designed mounting system for the Arena series light fixtures specifically for use in arenas. The benefit is ease of installation resulting in reduced cost. It allows mounting of two luminaires at a single point, with the option to add a third luminaire. The luminaires are conveniently located on the mounting system so they can be easily upgraded or serviced. The mounting bracket can also accommodate up to two wireless control boxes.

  • Center Stud Mount for Arena fixtures

    This system is designed for use with the Ephesus custom catwalk bracket mounting system. The center stud uses a standard thread that can also connect to a fixed structure with a standard hex nut and washer.

  • Multi Mount for Arena fixtures

    This mounting system provides a centered NPT connection for threaded rod or conduit with additional side mounting studs for even greater flexibility. The top side bolts are designed to fit into the channels of a unistrut system or for easy luminaire replacement or retrofitting by hanging from chains or conduit.

  • Custom Mount

    At Ephesus we know that not everything fits into a box. That’s why we work with you to design a mounting system that will meet the needs of your facility.